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Welcome to A Christian Food Pantry & Thrift Store

Did you know over 100,000 people in Collin County, Texas don't have enough to eat each day? For many, they must choose between paying off bills or eating.

Food Lines at A Christian Food Pantry

Monday we opened after the big storm but we hadn't received our food shipments so we only had enough chickens for 30 families and some can goods. Then the phone rang from a woman asking if we take donations of frozen meat which her husband brought over to us so we had enough for today. I then got an email from North Texas Food Bank asking if they could bring our missed deliveries tomorrow.

Thank you God.


A Christian Food Pantry & Thrift Store was opened in April 2011 to serve food-insecure people in Collin County. We are open 4 days a week and only serve Collin County families. By buying our food from North Texas Food Bank and having a completely volunteer staff of workers (including management), a $1 donation pays for enough food to make 12 meals. We are not part of any church or organization, so we rely solely upon monetary donations and income from the thrift store to pay our rent and other expenses.

We are committed to showing respect and grace to our clients. A Christian Food Pantry is set up as a "farmer's market" - people select which items they need. Handing someone a pre-packaged bag of food is not uplifting. We want to make each family smile and show them what grace looks like, feels like and tastes like, especially for the children.

How can you help? Donate us things we can sell in our Used Furniture Thrift Store. Or, donate money to us.

Please help us bring a smile to a Collin County child's face -- donate today! Click the donation button (which goes to our secure website) or make your check out to A Christian Food Pantry and send to the address below.

AC Food Pantry

2010 G Avenue, Suite 904 Plano, TX   75074
Phone: 972-578-5730